• John Smith

A Testimony

We're often asked by those under the age of 18 how they can contribute to the cause until they're old enough to become members. The answer given more often than not is to study and learn how to articulate your ideology. That articulation can often take the form of speeches, debates and in many cases including this one the written word.

I was interested in politics from a young age, which I suppose could be attributed to how my father yelled at the morning news everyday, and me being curious as to why. At some point I began to dislike many government institutions due to my father’s rhetoric, and began calling myself a “libertarian,” believing I aligned with many LibCap policies (despite never having actually consumed any political literature myself). Keep in mind I was ~13-14 at this point. I gained most of my political insight from the Internet. However there were some things that discontented me with the libertarian ideology, which as I matured I began to think it to be really quite selfish. My greatest quarrels, I think, were in that

1.) libertarians supported a democratic state, but also often unrestricted immigration. The libertarian state would quickly be voted out in favor of an authoritarian welfare state, one way or another.

2.) the state would inevitably fall under the influence of corporations who, taking advantage of the state’s minuscule power, could easily come to dominate it.

I’m glad to say I never hopped on the AnCap train. But I digress. I took interest in national socialism very briefly, I’m sad to say, and even sadder to say I at one point considered myself to be alt-right, due to my growing interest in tribalism. I never got too into it though, due to my scepticism regarding racialism. (I do believe in race, however it doesn’t serve for a basis for judging an individual's character and is more useful for promoting social cohesion.) I was additionally driven away from these vile groups due to my growing spirituality, which caused me to become more traditionalist-minded. (I’m currently in the process of converting to Catholicism!) Eventually I stumbled upon Jose Antonio Primo De Rivera’s work, the 27 Points. This is what hooked me, from there I developed a closer allegiance to National Syndicalism/Corporatism. I stumbled across the American Blackshirts Party website one day looking for an American Fascist party. That was ~1.5 year ago. I was an avid Trump supported during the election, however due to his lack of action I am beginning to lose faith in the democratic process (being against democracy was one of the things I’ve always been iffy about with fascism.) At this point, I consider myself a left-fascist, though I know I still have much to learn.