• John Maniglia

ABP Policy Position on the Puerto Rican Crisis

As many of you know the events following the hurricanes that occurred late September have been something of a hot topic. And in addition to that are the reactions and lack thereof our current government toward it. As policy director I feel that it is necessary to address how a modern American fascist government would react to such an event.

The first thing that should be realized in a fascist state is that while we maintain the philosophy that America should remain out of world politics,

Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States. And so in that regard Puerto Rico then becomes our responsibility to take care of. We hold that responsibility in a way that a parent holds the responsibility and welfare of its child. As a current government we have failed to act on that. I point this out in particular because if we look back toward the dialog that has occurred between the United States and N. Korea specifically that in which our other territory of Guam was threatened we were quick to reply with fire and brimstone. And while the response may be a bit over the top it was in the right direction. However, unlike our current president who shows a lack of fire and brimstone toward the disaster that is Puerto Rico currently the ABP would in fact show the same determination toward all our territories.

The policy as it stands regarding the natural disasters is to respond with efficiency and speed. This is something that could be accomplished without the bickering of congress and the delay of politics that is our current system. The fascist state has within in it the tools required to do this. And one of those is the incentive to incorporate a corporate state and reestablishing the industrialization policy of operation bootstrap. To put it plainly operation bootstrap was at a time a policy that made incentives of companies of the American mainland to build in Puerto Rico. So imagine if Puerto Rico was closer to that of Miami (speaking in a infrastructure sense) because of the success of corporate state policy, imagine then how quickly they could then get back on their feet.

Natural disasters occur weather we would like them to or not, it does matter though how we handle such events and more importantly how well prepared we are. Puerto Rico has never been prepared for such an event because of years of greed, capitalist manipulation, and neglect. And that can be directly tied into to the cancer that is our current democratic system.