• William Banks

To My Fellow Blackshirts

The corporate state has nothing to fear from fact. The more enlightened its citizens, the more solid its basis.” -Ezra Pound

Before us lies a monumental task. It is a noble task and it is fraught with danger and troubles. The world hates us for the truths we speak and the ideals we hold sacred. When the founding fathers rebelled against the British Empire and were victorious, they revived a political system that was, by and large considered dead since the fall of ancient Rome. Likewise, to go back a bit further, let’s look at Christianity in its infancy. They too held a faith that was unpopular and hated and fought against and I can imagine the Romans saying what many say about is today. “They won’t go anywhere.” Or “They will never rule anything.” And the rest is history! They persevered and suffered much but in return gained the World! We have advantages nobody until today has. We have the internet and a philosophy of life that encourages pragmatism and unorthodox ways of asserting ourselves. But more important still we have a world more ready and more in need to accept our message. The sky is the limit. But remember also: what we do and do right will determine our success. A wasted day is a lost day! It is a privilege to be a Blackshirt. We have big shoes to fill and a heavy legacy to carry. Take heart! We will be victorious. Our numbers are growing everyday. The left riots in the streets and the conservatives do nothing to fight back. The conservative platitudes have failed and the left’s rhetoric has been rendered impotent. The tides are turning on them. Our time is at hand. We should seek to create our own dialectic and to look at issues from the “third side”. The side everyone is too afraid to look at. We must point out that which nobody even considers. Take heart comrades and do not fear. Tomorrow or in 100 years we will be victorious. If the worst war in human history cannot wipe us out then what can!?