• Luca

Democracy: The Snake

Democracy is the greatest perversion of the political world. It has poisoned man's minds with the false illusion of choice. It is truly sinister because it creates a hostile environment where fellow countrymen are at each other's throats in the race to the top. It allows for a snake to appear from the deepest caverns of deception and swindle. All he must do is take the lost and broken man within his coils and dangle what he desires in front of him. The poor man is entranced forgetting about the crushing tension around him. The snake then strikes, and the man feels the fangs of deception, but it is too late. The man will be released in a number of years, but only out of desperation will he follow another serpent preaching the same message. It is not only the common person that is hurt by the institution but also the soldier. The soldier is one of the most selfless and courageous members of society but what awaits him and his comrades every 4-8 years? Will his blood be spilled for the so called leader who will simply get up and leave after he has served his term? His term is a short part of their life, but for the soldier what does this mean? Is the life of a soldier, a son, a brother, a father to be decided by someone who will leave their post and finish their job after they have lined the pockets of themselves and their cronies, or is the fate of the soldier in the hands of a leader who will remain in power for the rest of his life, someone who will also experience the struggle of life just as the soldier does. This applies to everyone else in society. Life is a struggle and we know this for a fact, and there is no need for an institution that allows for someone to walk away from this while the rest of the nation must drag themselves forward into the unknown.