• Luca

Embedded Within the State

Recently, there have been people who have asked about the symbol of our party, the stump with the Fasces embedded. The symbol represents not only our party but the fallacies of democracy, and the unity within the State. The most recognizable piece of our symbol is the Fasces, the ancient symbol of imperium and power carried by the lictors of ancient Rome and used as the symbol of Italian Fascism during the early 20th century. But what about the stump what does that mean? This is my analogy of the stump and the Fasces. Democracy is like a tree. When it first starts to grow there is a single stem which protrudes from the ground. As this tree grows taller it keeps branching out and further away from the center. The branches of a tree will follow where the sun shines and while grow where the branches and leaves receive more sun light than the other branches that are not in the best position. The branches keep growing outwards and they become weaker as they stray from the center. Apply this to Democracy, the system which at first seems like a good idea but as time goes on becomes a race to determine who can collect the most resources and the most power, who can have the strongest branch and the best leaves to collect that precious sunlight. As this tree grows older and branches out it will eventually get sick, infected, grow weak, and finally die as worms and bugs find their way into the tree eating it from within. Let us apply the Fasces to the equation, the Fasces chops down this tree and what remains? A stump. A stump has no branches and was part of the strongest parts of that tree of democracy. The stump stands for the State and the single party of the ABP, it stands for unity for all Americans regardless of their color or their religion. The Fasces creates this stump not with a single blow but with many chops and then refines what it has created leaving a smooth and equal surface upon where it was cut. Finally the Fasces is embedded within the stump, embedded within the state. Fascism has been implemented and the job complete.