2017 A Fascist Odyssey

It was in the very late winter of 2014 that most of us turned our televisions on or opened our favorite news apps on our phones or other mobile devices and were stunned to learn that there were pro Russian demonstrations in the streets of Sevastopol, a city in a little known slither of land on the eastern horizon of the Black Sea, known as Crimea. The voice of then President Barack Obama still rings in my ears. He observed that Russia was engaging in “outdated expansionist ideas”. Land grabbing was no longer a viable way of obtaining power, the President contended. The mainstream media was all too eager to add gleefully ( not so happenstance one might surmise ) that Vladimir Putin was using the same justification that Adolph Hitler had used to occupy the Rhineland and eventually invade Poland due to the dispute over the free city of Danzig. Namely, that both said they wished to return their respective ethnic brethren to the homeland. In the case of Hitler, the desire to unify the German nation was ultimately the cause of his demise. Whether or not the stated reasons for doing what was done in either of these cases was true and honest is not the place of this work to concern itself with as in either case any tentative conclusion(s) drawn will likely have to be chalked up to subjective speculation. Here it is enough to note how the media quickly tied Putin’s actions to none other than the widely touted most evil man ever in the history of ever, Adolph Hitler, something we fascists can commiserate with unfortunately. As with everything there is usually some truth to both sides of the story ( and some falsehood). I mulled over what the president had said and tried to think about it critically as one always has to do with these politicians in the dim hope of gleaning some splinter of truth only after having unearthed it from the heap of lies or half-truths piled like rubbish on top of it. After a while and much to my chagrin, I realized that the despised Barack Hussein Obama was spot on, hit the nail on the head, right. Any expansionist aspirations by way of land grabbing was indeed very outdated.

Although geo-politics are very complicated and cannot be condensed and boxed into a one dimensional world view, the point remains, that what Barack Obama was really saying was correct. It would be easy to take what the President had said at face value and assume that his liberal world view (or rather a philosophically Marxist worldview as I am fond of pointing out) had informed him to believe that land grabbing was all too violent and violence was the way of the past and utopian pacifism the way of the future. But whether he knew what he was saying or not ( and perhaps granting him this benefit of the doubt is really too generous) he was, by way of proxy, admitting that military takeovers were no longer necessary. That yet another utopian ideology, aided and abetted by the advent of modern communication and technology, had allowed for the same takeover of countries, of peoples all over the earth, only very quietly and oh so subtly; our old friend capitalism.

With the Presidency of Barrack Obama we saw the most peculiar marriage of communistic notions and capitalism. Although for those of us who occupy the third-way point of view it really wasn’t so peculiar as perhaps only we are truly capable of understanding the shared aspects of the two. Both are wholly materialistic and both aim to internationalize the world. It is precisely at this cross section of internationalization where the two tend to propagate their utopian nonsense. The logical result would appear to be a one world system of governance where there are no borders, no countries, no God, nothing to kill or die for; all that John Lennon “Imagine” malarky. With, of course, the caveat of autonomous governing bodies ( the EU, United Nations, etc. and who knows what the future holds right?) and an international ruling elite very much having possessions and very much having money just as in our present capitalistic system where the lords of international finance will reign supreme over the masses; a tune John Lennon would like to sing even less than his old Beatles hits if he were still with us.

Now allow me to reconvene the readers’ attention to the fact that the devil wasn’t so much in what President Obama had said but what he said necessarily implied. Which was that a country could be taken over, much more humanely of course, by allowing international corporations to move into a country by way of a multinational trade deal i.e. NAFTA, CAFTA, TPP and the like. It is much easier to send in corporations to separate people from their money and their labor than huge armies. Those corporations will subjugate the indigenous peoples and have them work in sweatshops for pennies or simply buy up their land as in the case of many African countries. Here they mine all of the diamonds or otherwise precious gems and/or metals out, all while bringing wonderful democracy to the beloved people. Those at the top of the host country will make money and the industry bearing country will make money; and the lowly people will foot the bill. This democracy replaces any ‘outdated’ or ‘tribal’ sort of ‘low’ culture with the ‘high’ culture of capitalism. A one world, faceless, monolithic culture. A culture that utterly destroys the nuclear family as has been seen here in America and is now being perpetrated to its fullest on India even as I formulate this essay. The Indian family of today is the American family of the 70’s where the mother is being torn away, whether she likes it or not, from the home to enter the workplace ( many times a call center in the case of India) just so the family can make ends meet; the family wage having been obliterated. By the time Indian capitalism reaches the point of American capitalism, Indian culture will truly have been eradicated as Indian couples not only traditionally house themselves and children but also their parents. In India, even more so than in 1950’s America, the wife is needed at home. Probably in the near future this will no longer be sustainable. And so capitalism will have accomplished what even Alexander the Great could not by use of his awesome military might which is the conquest of the Indus Valley and the Indian sub-continent. Even the British Raj was not as effective due to the fact that the Raj gave the people a definite face to be able to turn against. Capitalism hasn’t the face of a man to turn one’s ire toward or its location able to be pinpointed on a map. It cannot be run out of town by an angry mob. And so the plague drifts from people to people (or rather directed) across the globe until nothing is left. At the very least not culturally. This is the same everywhere capitalism holds sway.

In my short 29 years I have seen a marked difference in my small southern town since the advent of NAFTA. Decent jobs have left and they have been replaced with service jobs that pay nothing, if replaced at all. The face of the community has changed…and not for the better. Nearly unlimited illegal immigration (which the system requires for ever cheaper labor) has brought with it an atomizing effect and foreign values. And let the reader make no mistake, it is no accident that millions of Muslim “refugees” or “migrants” as they are called, also currently flood into Europe in an endless torrent of foreign humanity. For my hometown the end result is a place where nobody wants to live anymore. The mill executives and the other country clubbers left for greener pastures ( or greener greens at the end of a fairway if you like ) long ago. What’s left is a community where the sense of community is gone with the wind. What replaced it is a culture of drugs, obesity, dream crushing poverty, hopeless negativism and death. Perhaps the worst part is just the same as what is currently happening in India, the nuclear family has been effaced and blotted out. For many folks here, as well as large swaths of the country such as the rust belt, there is no future and there is no hope much less any hope for a better future.

For Putin however, the veiled lesson was that you can own another country without crushing it under the weight of a thousand tanks. And if only he would get onboard with this world view instead of bothering about petty and trivial things such as any ideas of ‘nation’ or ‘traditional morality’, the world would be a much more happy go lucky and all around better place. Go along to get along.

Capitalism, along with its illegitimate child with daddy issues, communism, are two different peas that occupy the same pod. This new synthesis of the two is almost too natural. Both ultimately have a deadening effect on the spirit, the family, the nation, and both are utopian internationalist oriented. Communism did not die with the fall of the Soviet Union. Capitalism and Communism absorbed and utilized the most subtle aspects of each others’ characteristics and with the seducing social justice ideas of communism along with the imperialistic aspects of capitalism the world could finally be dominated. I do not wish the reader to think that I mean to say this was a plot that occurred over night. Rather, exactly because they had to compete on the world stage for so long the two rubbed off on each other and due to certain social movements and wars on either side one would give somewhat to the other precisely in order to stay alive. It was only after the fall of the USSR this new synthesis could be brought into one domain and appropriated by a bourgeois eager to stretch their legs in a brave new world. The social justice aspects of the one would woo the masses and while this opiate was being force fed to the people the majority would not be able to comprehend what the other was doing. The social justice issues of leftism, safeguard to a degree, the ruling elite from being viewed as heartless. Here we must remember that both systems are also adversarial. Pitting us against each other thus allowing these snakes to go on as always. Because of this, cohesion of the people is not possible, either to the far right or the far left as the elites have occupied both and yet neither at the same time, a truly masterful tactic.

For anyone who may think this a bridge too far I would only wish to call the readers attention to the fact that our adversaries on the left also bemoan this synthesis though for different reasons. They contend that this synthesis is not socialist enough. I recently stumbled upon a flyer at my university inviting students to attend a seminar, I suppose one could call it, put on by none other than the local chapter of the International Socialist Organization. Rest assured they are outright communists as they speak glowingly of the communist manifesto. At least we fascists have the guts to not hide like cowards behind semantics but I digress. On this flyer there were a number of speakers lined up to present their high-minded ‘vision for the future’. Interestingly enough the first speaker was setting the table for the evening with a speech entitled “What Fascism is and how to Fight it”. I particularly admired the fact that the title of the speech preemptively conditioned the listener to know that fascism is something that must be fought before the speaker ever even took stage. Say what you will about the socialists, I have no regards for them, but they are not stupid and they are not disorganized. This aside however, I was interested to learn more about this organization that so blatantly and freely flaunted its ideology on campus. That evening, seated comfortably at my desk and sipping warm tea, I fired up the old laptop and began to read the material posted on their web page. I soon found a paragraph that corroborated my view by the very far left that the ruling classes of the world have attempted to blend capitalism and communism together. It stated, and I quote,

“The ISO believes that socialism must come through the struggles of the working class…our socialism has nothing to do with the authoritarian, bureaucratic societies that have claimed to be communist, like China, North Korea or the former USSR-nor with the political parties in Europe and elsewhere that call themselves socialist, but preside over capitalist governments.”1

Indeed, the elites must believe that they have masterfully devised a smokescreen for themselves. Cover would be provided for the thief and like a thief in the night, the people would not know that they were being robbed blind. After the long and bloody fight between them, capitalism looked at communism and said, as the famous line goes, “you know we’re not so different you and I”. They learned from each other. The one very directly and often violently assumed the possessions of all the people while the other is able to accomplish the same ends much more subtly. And for world domination, it was precisely this subtlety that was needed. Mr. Putin’s perceived tactics were not ‘subtle’ enough for these elites apparently. It is really such a hindrance for them when a major power of the world does not wholly play by the rules of the game they have devised for themselves.

Perhaps for me, your humble and intrepid author, the realization that all things ‘left’ and ‘right’ in popular modern political thought and practice, were metaphorically speaking, two black holes inhabiting the heart of the same galaxy; dancing around each other, drawing each other closer and closer together with their soul crushing gravitational pull to their black lightless depths, was the single greatest epiphany that led me to fascism. Their merger has and can only create a super-massive binary black hole, bending spacetime and with it reality, emitting gravitational waves that has the capacity to destroy everything. Whether this was by design or incidental we can only speculate. This author has formed his opinion. What we do know for certain is that it will be the great destroyer of all cultures and all nations. For my part, I looked at the state of things and thought there must be another way. A way to save ourselves from oblivion. The next logical question to ask myself was what else is out there. When I began to read about the philosophy fascism espoused, I did not have to make room for its ideas and ideals in an already cluttered brain full of beliefs. I quickly realized that I had been a Fascist all along and that its philosophy was my own. I had innocently yet naively been trying to forceably fit myself into popularly accepted politics by occupying the very lonely and nowadays non-existent moniker of ‘conservative Democrat’. I had never felt at home in that party however, and found myself sometimes awkwardly trying to defend it, or politicians belonging thereto, when I really couldn’t reconcile what I was attempting to defend with my own beliefs. For me, my old school blue collar southern upbringing, being a Republican was simply out of the question. It was my coming to the firm resolution that fascism was the only spacecraft left to jump into that could save us from the twin black holes of capitalism and communism that finally made me accept that I was a fascist. The only question now is, as a world, is it too late to escape the gravitational pull or have we already entered the event horizon from which there is no escape? Only time will tell but we must never give up.

1 Building a socialist alternative. (n.d.). Retrieved November 17, 2017, from http:// www.internationalsocialist.org/about/do/building-a-socialist-alternative

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