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Blackshirts Voices Part 1

The following is a first in a series of articles showcasing the testimony of the members of the American Blackshirts Party, which is their first task upon becoming a members.

# 1. Fascism is the political system protecting and putting your country, people, and their interests first. It is a system where each citizen is given the duty to put their country before themselves. It is nationalism, protectionism, and empowering people through having a healthy culture free of filth.

# 2. Fascism, in its original Italian style, is the key to unlocking the full prowess of a nation's citizenry. Only through complete social solidarity can such awesome economic and cultural progression be achieved. This is exactly what Mussolini's vision consisted of: The complete unity of a Nation, and the advancement of the communal will of an entire peoples. Nothing more, and nothing less. Fascism is more of a process of thought than it is a political doctrine; therefore, it is ours to adapt. It is ours evolve. The birth of Fascism was human society’s premature attempt at evolution. It was ahead of its time, but now it’s time has come indeed.

# 3. I will promote the expansion of this movement to the best of my abilities, and devote as much time as humanly possible to creating a fascist state in America. I will utilize my writing and research skills to bring the American peoples accurate and consistent knowledge of this creed. We must bring our current elitist regime to an end, and eject the sociological poison of capitalism from our Father land.

# 4. Fascism to me is the natural reaction to unjust and immoral conditions within a society. It restores honor and class to a people while still being morally sound. I feel that the ABP should be about restoring what it means to be a fascist in a healthy environment. It should show how superior fascism is as a view as compared to the other political systems. It should make workers strive towards a nation that they can be proud of once again.

# 5. Fascism is setting up a corporate state where the PEOPLE are the state and fights for their own interests. It also means unity among the nation. Unlike this current democratic government we have today. Fascism is neither left nor right. We are a alternative that wants to put a new type of government where the average person is protected.

# 6. Fascism is a system that is the most organic and represents not only a system in which the values of a people, culture and faith are defended but also one that goes along with the very nature of our world. Fascism is not only the only form of thought that is outside the “left-right paradigm” but also the only system that truly stands opposed to those who would use the state as a tool for their own gain rather than the interests of the people and state itself. Fascism is also the only system to truly provide unity for the people. I think that it is time for a modern Fascist movement in the United States to help bring unity to the people as well as provide for them an alternative to the anti-cultural and money interests of our ruling “parties” as well as the ideologically weak “alternatives” such as the socialists, Marxists, Greens, anarchists and so forth. Only Fascism provides a perspective and system that is outside the realm of political jargon and left-right paradigm.