• Joshua Noyer

Against Conservatism

It never fails to amaze that even after the disaster that befell Fascism during the Second World War. The United States has elected a Fascist in every single presidential election since that time. Actually every single major party candidate since that time has been a follower of both Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler. Our dominance is basically complete, at least if you take at face value the debate between the right and the left.

The above is only partially comical. The political culture of democracy is so vulgar and degrading that it’s often difficult to tell reality from satire. Democracy needs scapegoats and sideshows to keep people’s minds off of the true source of national decay. If they ever discovered what that true source of that decay was Democracy itself would be threatened. Unfortunately we’ve taken more of a hit than any other ideology in existence. Not a day goes by when the threat of Fascism isn’t invoked or World War 2 isn’t used to rally the masses towards some political goal. This has become an ever increasing problem in the realm of foreign policy where any dictator opposed to American hegemony is compared and described as being the next Hitler. (keeping in mind that those saying it have no clue as to the differences between Hitler and Mussolini.) I’m sure everyone reading this has seen at least once one of the History Channel’s WWII documentaries where the Axis powers are portrayed as being some sort of Star Wars Empire like organization bent on world domination. To us it may seem simplistic but to our detriment the public has fallen for it hook line and sinker, hence the hatred and vitriol directed our way when attempting to be open about our beliefs.

Even when stripped of the sensationalism we still have the problem of public misperceptions about what Fascism actually is. Even though there’s been progress made within the last 30 years when it comes to academic scholarship on Fascist studies. The majority of scholars on the subject still tend to look upon Fascism as a more extreme version of Conservative thought and not as an independent ideology which rests in the middle of the political spectrum between Liberalism and Conservatism. Here’s a typical observation from the talk section of Tricolour Flame’s Wikipedia page.

“Perhaps my perceptions of Italian fascism is a bit skewed but I find this sentence very strange: The RSI is usually seen as the example of what Fascism should have been, in particular as an example of a true welfare state." Correct me if I am wrong but I thought Fascism was always more about the support of nationalism and other conservative ideas. Welfare states are generally considered to be a liberal idea I think. While the idea of a welfare state may fall short of being truly socialist, it's certainly heading in that direction and I have strong doubts that Mussolini's intentions were to create such a nation."

The ignorance expressed by many when it comes to the actual content of Fascist doctrine is unfortunately replicated many times over by self-described Fascists themselves. Feeling that Conservatism doesn’t go far enough in achieving its goals these self-described Fascists look upon the doctrine of Mussolini as means to implement the agenda which Reagan was unable. A good example of this would be Ironmarch. Where it’s considered a badge of honor to spout the line “Gas the Jews, Race War Now;” Only on a very rare basis will any mention be made of Corporatism, the centerpiece of Fascist doctrine, but regular mention is made of the physical characteristics of the Jew, and whether this or that gas is compatible with a theoretical type of gas chamber. The Russian that runs the forum in an attempt to appeal to a broader audience and garner more respectability has appropriated the word Fascism, when in reality what’s being preached is more akin to and extreme brand of Conservative and reactionary thought. This is being repeated across the country by people who desire to fit the image the media is trying to portray of Fascists, because there’s absolutely no desire to study the words of Mussolini or Gentile. What matters to them is image and image alone.

While we’ve influenced the debate within the Fascist community we must be more effective at making our voices heard. At the moment we’re still being drowned out by groups which love to complain about American conservatives, and yet will endorse a candidate such as Donald Trump who for all intents and purposes shares the viewpoints of that Conservative movement. So, while they may hold on to an illusion of a Trump presidency shifting the political center more towards a third positionist ideology. In reality what’s happening is the American public is having their view of Fascism as being a more extreme version of Conservative thought reinforced. Because of their one track obsession with the politics of race and lack of ideological coherence the Alternative Right is solidifying its position on the right side of the political spectrum. The American Alternative Right is not dead. It failed to ever be born.

A closer look at some Alternative Right organizations, such as Traditionalist Worker Party and the Freedom Party will shed some light on some of the ideological incoherence of these groups. Looking at the platform of the TWP these are the first things you come across: Religious Freedom, State Interference in Church, and Freedom from Association. Granted, they do take a somewhat different tack than the similarly worded American Constitution, but they all have a common underlying theme. The State is the problem and through a withdrawing of State power the community will be able to right itself. Further along in their platform they do suggest positive roles the State can play as far as reinvigorating family and values but all of this is supposed to be accomplished within the framework of a society with a decentralized political apparatus and no theory of the State to be a guide. In one area the role of the State is downplayed, and in the next it’s upheld. This doctrinal confusion is inherited from the same movement which argues for a limited and small government yet wants the State to be a moral agent when it comes to Abortion, and marriage. TWP suffers from same delusional desire to square the circle. The ABP has always been out front in completely opposing the American Political tradition while injecting new life into the country by the advocacy of Fascism.

On the issues where there is crossover with Conservatives. The justifications we use for those laws are derived from completely different sources. Whether its gay rights or Abortion, Conservatives will do everything in their power to square the circle and make their policy proposals compatible with the Free Market individualism of John Locke. To the right Government is inherently evil and serves only a negative but necessary role in society. It should be small and limited having only those powers strictly delegated to it to enforce contract and protect property.

Such a government has neither the moral authority nor legitimacy to create laws which only a moral institution would be able to. Laws banning abortion or restricting marriage are derived from a moral sanction. Once the State is transformed into a lifeless institution, aka a night watchman that moral sanction loses any force or meaning. This explains the failure of Conservatism since the founding of the Republic and by extension those Third Positionist movements which attempt a synthesis of Fascist principles with Conservatism. In an attempt to square the circle they’re creating an environment where the justifications used for otherwise sound laws are creating the conditions for those laws destruction. Fascism on the other hand was founded from a profound need to correct the deficiencies of modern ideologies. From a recognized need to base a government not on a theory which takes man out of his natural habitat and turns him into a theoretical person, but one that recognizes his true nature and shapes governing institutions to meet the needs of that nature. Some of our founders originated on the Left (Mussolini, Mosley) while others came from the right (Rocco.) But what they shared in common was an aversion to politics which made absolutely no sense and a foresight that unless change happened on a revolutionary basis we’d be facing a future without a soul, a materialistic hellhole.

At the moment American politics is going through a drastic shift where it appears that modern conservatism, a creation of the post WWII generation if on its last legs. For the success of our movement it’s absolutely essential that we separate ourselves from this corpse and create a niche for ourselves and the movement we represent.