• Matthew Daniel

Everyday Fascism

At this time in our movement, we are few in numbers, and so, everything we do for our cause, must yield maximum results, both in terms of effect, and publicity for our movement. While we already encourage activism every 21st of each month, we must expand our activity in the name of the fascist cause, to every other day as well. Does this mean we must make some grand gesture every day, or wear an ABP uniform to work all week? No, but, there are smaller, sometimes more effective ways to get the word out, and educate people.

All activism will fall in to one of two categories. That which we undertake to further our agenda, and that which hinders the opposition to our cause. So, we will discuss both of these concepts in depth. Understand that if each day, 100 fascists did one thing for fascism, and one thing against either communism, capitalism, anarchy, democracy, etc., this would mean that our cause would gain 6,000 steps, every month.

In the name of Fascism. It is important to remember, that, because our movement is so spread out, for most of us, we are the only fascist anyone we interact with on a daily basis knows. This means that, to everyone you meet, you are fascism. If you are respectable, then fascism is respectable. If you are crooked, then fascism is crooked. So, start by amending your own behavior, always asking yourself how you would act, if your fellow Blackshirts stood beside you. Be the kind of friend/employee/or student that fascism represents. Secondly, be free and open, as much as you can about your membership in the ABP. Be knowledgeable enough to answer any questions people may have. When conversations at work or school turn political, start out by simply stating the teachings of fascism, without calling it fascism. You will find that people may agree with you. When they do, you can tell them "then you're fascist, just like me". It’s important to let people know that we are not white nationalists, or the bad guys in 1984, or V for Vendetta. Take every opportunity you can to educate people on real fascism. This means study it for yourself, every day. When you joined the party, chances are, you received flyers in your new member’s packet. Make copies, and put them to use. Keep some in your car. You can hand them out, but you can also post them on boards at school, restaurants, bars, etc. Even out of the way places. Just remember to glue them to walls in high traffic areas, and possibly think about spraying clear coat over them. When putting up flyers, or any artistic advertising, remember to spread the locations out as much as possible. Not only does it increase and diversify your audience, it also makes the movement appear much more widespread. You can also do work within the party, such as writing articles or lectures on various subjects within fascism and submitting them for publication or propagation as resources for your fellow blackshirts. Make donations to the party, both intellectual and monetary, in whatever means you can. Donate your time in community outreach, at food banks, blood drives etc., and this would be a great time to wear your Blackshirt clothing, or anything to identify you as a party member. There are tons of little tricks for getting the word out to then general public, explore, be creative, and make it fun. Being a fascist shouldn't be a somber life, that's what the Marxists want people to think.

Smash Cultural Marxism! Three years ago, if somebody told me that Marxism/communism/socialism, was a viable political alternative to fascism, I would have had them committed. But, here we are, in 2016, and we see a socialist in legitimate running for the white house. The part that i find the most troubling, is that I don't see a better option. Now, I'm not suggesting anyone vote for Bernie Sanders, because democracy is a sham, as is democratic socialism. However, this should be an eye opener. Among our political opponents are communism, socialism, anarchism, antifa, liberalism, conservatism, the tea party, and many others. We as fascists, should be educated in these movements, and know which has a presence in our area, where they meet, what causes they support, who they rally behind, and what activities they undertake. And we should undermine all of it. This may take a little creativity at times, but can also be as simple as educating people on the flaws and dangers of these systems or movements. As far as (to borrow their terminology) "direct action" might go (it's important here, to try and stick to legal means), I have a few suggestions. Leave calling cards at meeting places, workplaces, etc. of people who are active in these movements. First of all, its great advertisement, as they may switch sides (even Mussolini was a Socialist at one point). Also, it let those movements know that we exist, we are aware of their existence, and we know the details of their members. Don't confuse this movement with pacifism. Fascism is not for people who shy away from confrontation. Just keep it legal, and have fun. Interact on their message boards. Make funny signs or slogans. Make a game out of screwing with the opposition.

These are all just ideas, and you are encouraged to think of some of your own, and share them with your Blackshirt brothers. Just stay active, everyday. Fascism Forward