• Homo Economicus

That Everything Collapses - And May It Do So Immediately

from Casapound - October 22, 2011

Two years have passed since the outbreak of the crisis that is gripping the world economy and that is sending around tens of millions of workers worldwide. And we are tired. Obviously we are tired of the crisis because we do not see fathers begging any work to ensure an uncertain future for their children, just as we do not see poor people's wars while the usual suspects always get richer. But there is much more that we have become tired of.

Yes we got tired of listening to the usual clichés, we tired of professors who are talking about the crisis when until the day before the outbreak of the same assured to bet that it would never have happened, we are tired of economic experts who provide their recipes of recovery when they were the first to bellow the lies; we are tired of all those people who persist in believing idiots and are convinced that we are unable to see the reality that surrounds us.

We got tired of saying that this crisis is simply a "degeneration" of the economic system, that it was just a mistake, but that the system is fair, working and is still the best that there is. Balle! This is not a crisis from degenerating, but a crisis of the system, and that's it. A system that made us believe the news of continued growth, universal continuous progress and endless, the power of the market rules that allow the enrichment of all the miracles of finance that multiplies the money as did Jesus with loaves and fishes. We have reported for years, we tried with our few means available to warn everyone that we were running towards the abyss without brakes and now that we're in free fall over the precipice they tell us that it was simply a mistake, which at the end is "only" escapade, that it's nothing serious, because those who have stuck around watch over us and are busily working to make us return to a haven of prosperity and progress. It's good to make a premise: we have never disputed the fact that the economy is based on the market, because the market as a place for real or virtual meeting of supply and demand, existed for thousands of years and we would be idiots to claim that the market did not exist. We question everything that was built on the market: the so-called market economy, i. e. the liberal ideology more of a lie under a false name, for which "God" must be above all else, politics, society, of belonging to a national community, culture.

An ideology for which the market adjusts everything and woe to those who want to take action to eliminate distortions or mechanism malfunctions! You would be accused of interventionism, of traditionalism, of antiprogressimo (being against progress - HRM). Want to call us as well? Do as well. Indeed to Fascists that call means much more. It means, at least, to oppose the idea that everything should be measured in economic terms, that GDP is the only tool capable to give a judgment on the State of health and well-being of a nation.

We claim that the economy returns to its production source totally free from the bondage of finance. Enough with the creation of paper, enough financial products in which there is nothing, no derivatives, no more short sales, you can't bet on the lives of people. Finance has become a great Hall where bets are made instead of horses running a race, and instead of football matches there are the posted values of stocks, bonds and commodities. And remember the poor who become deluded of easy gain, as well as in any betting or casino room where the dealer always wins.

And while we're here talking about not being content with the crisis that the U.S. housing bubble has created, two more bubbles are in preparation, one is gold's value that continues to grow without limits and the other is a new myth launched by Obama, the "green economy". Remember our words and more on that in less than ten years. You are repeating the same scenes of the early 90 's with the "new economy" of computing, when the usual experts guaranteed unlimited and constant growth thanks to the internet and Information technology services. Explain it today to those who 15 years ago have invested their savings went up in smoke in just six months of bubble explosion, at the beginning of 2000.

Within three centuries of development and progress, well-being has always been paid for by the poorest groups and the most socially disadvantaged. English peasants in the first Anglo-Saxon industrialization, rural populations in Northern Europe when the industrial revolution expanded on the continent, southern European immigrants and now hundreds of millions of workers in China, Viet Nam, India and in dozens of other States. Exploited workers, with starvation wages and without any respect of safety and respect for health. Here their progress! For what then? To have at Christmas the new LCD TV at half price, the new MP3 player, or brand new pants at a price accessible to all. And behind all those products there is hunger, poverty, slavery and exploitation. But it is the market, is the question, is this progress and well-being!

We are tired of hearing about "light", cuts in public services, cuts to pensions, health, education. The crisis was supposed to allow a return to a strong State, which dettasse at least unassailable rules economic operators and instead care for exit from the crisis according to our rulers is the exact opposite: liberalization, further out from the States economy, reduction of the welfare State and social safety nets. Well Done! Practically how to cure a sick lung cancer by prescribing (prescrivendogli) two packs of cigarettes per day!

There is no "lightweight" State and a "heavy" Status, there is quite an authoritative, sovereign State and efficient as opposed to a weak, cowardly and inert prey of economic powers. It's demand too much (is it too much to ask?)- HRM) that you come to a large group of State sovereignty? To ensure ownership of the House to its citizens? To guarantee decent pensions, healthcare and education, a real public safety? Falling in reacquiring the absolute economic monopoly in strategic areas for their survival, like energy, heavy mechanics, telecommunications, steel and arms industry and chemistry? Is it too much? Well, then we are asking too much and much more too.

We claim that the State guarantees a quiet retirement to its citizens, but even more so a present. A present in which women can decide whether to work, how much work, if career without being afraid of having to give up the family and children. A present in which workers can choose between fixed and flexible work, and for those who choose the second salary that is higher in order to remunerate the risk of loss. And not as now that employers can afford to have flexibility, lower contributions and lower wages compared to the typical contracts. We give State security for when we enter in the third and fourth age: they told us that the social pension wasn't enough anymore, have tried to convince us to discard the TFR in pension funds but they have forgotten to tell us what else weren't that mutual funds that in these two years of crisis have lost even a part of the capital now they are going to tell us that even pension funds enough to ensure a decent retirement and that we must also allocate about 25% of our salary for at least thirty years to an individual pension fund have, perhaps, a pension equal to the last salary received. But perhaps because it is conditioned to the fact that the average annual performance of pension funds over the next three decades is not lower than 5% NET. Pure utopia if you consider that over the past ten years, the average return was 2% and the most cost effective fund barely reached 4.6%. But the important thing is that this money is invested in financial products in such a way as to ensure more "coal" the crazy locomotive of high finance.

We are tired of hearing about family but then to see more provisions that go in the exactly opposite direction. Where is the Social Mortgage? Where is a law like that time to be mothers? Where is the quotient? Where are real reductions, for serious and not ridiculous amounts for dependent children? Where are the public childcare services for mothers of young children to return to work after maternity leave? What is the policy in favor of the family? That put limits on techniques of artificial insemination? To act against any "sinful" form of contraception in order to demonstrate the unfailing servility towards the Vatican? It is not possible that in Italy do the sons is a fault. A fault that women charged with dismissal or failure assumption, that whole families pay with budgetary constraints and with the uncertainty about the future. But everyone is talking about family and they do not know even where is the family. And when it comes to "light" stop with the commonplace, much as hateful, populist public servant loafer. There are the idlers in public administration as well as in the private sector, as well as the majority of civil servants has the same desire to work and the professionalism of workers in the private sector. It's too easy to take it with workers when the true responsibility lies in the two upper levels, management and political one, conniving and complicit in the collapse of the Government administrative machinery. What is the organization that works well without capable managers, competent and carry out its work and address? How can you expect an employee to perform his job well if the first failed its duties is precisely his superior? Then you reform the PA but from above and not always hitting the most vulnerable.

You start making a clean sweep of the leaders unable and incompetent in cahoots with political and trade union power. You start making clean of corrupt, with layoffs in the trunk. Systems are introduced for the recruitment of employees and managers to ensure maximum impartiality in the competitions. Is the possibility of dismissal for executives who have not achieved the objectives of efficiency and efficacy of their work. Is prohibited to directly appoint the leaders without internal or external competitions, which is the better to create a highly black-mailable Prime Minister leadership categories dependent on political power. Faster procedures are introduced to proceed in reviews for monetary damages against employees and public officials in front of the Court of Auditors.

It is useless to expect something from employees when the first to give an example of pitiful are those who should direct them. This is the much-lauded meritocracy? And so with the excuse of "parasites" of public administration there are those who claim the elusive and utopian "status light".

We are tired of the story that immigrants are a "resource", which "do jobs that Italians are no longer willing to do." Enough with these ridiculous stories, enough with these clichés maybe with that pretesco look hypocritical or the charitable and solidarity left-handed. Immigrants throughout this story are victims, pure and simple, like victims of Italians who find themselves having to fight a war between poor where the only ones who will benefit earnings are the usual suspects: entrepreneurs, trade unions, associations dealing with the welcome and the unfailing Church. Here's to those who have the resources.

In a province of Central Italy to the last course for careers called territorial authority on 20 places available has shown that Italian and 19 participants were only a foreigner. But the nanny was not a work that the Italians did not want more to do? The truth is that immigrants are used to increase the range of application and then consolidate the contractual force of entrepreneurs who have been able to afford to offer always lower wages until the Italians have not had to desist leaving field open to foreigners. But this occurred only in those areas where it was not possible to relocate production, such as in construction, agriculture, services to families. Where, however, it was possible to move the production why bringing immigrants in Italy when you could go to exploit in their source Paesidi paying even less? And then it makes you even more anger to see on TV the usual representatives of entrepreneurs who prattle on about the lack of competitiveness in Italy. How can we be competitive compared to workers who are paid 100 euros gross per month for working 12 hours a day without breaks even to go to the bathroom? This is pure and simple social dumping but, in the name of the agreements of the WTO, the EU does not want to (or cannot) establish duties to re-balance the situation, so we end up in stores to 15 euros while sweaters all Italian packaging companies have closed. And those few not closed in Italy are Chinese who work in spite of all the standards: tax, social security, safety and hygiene at work, on immigration. This is also unfair and perpetrated by those State organs that are supposed to protect Italian citizens. How is it possible that we cannot put an end to a situation of widespread illegality, and full-blown rooted like that of the Chinese community in Italy? Everyone knows it, but then eventually those who are subjected to continuously controls are always the Italians. Nice reverse racism.

We are tired of hearing the "taxman". The IRS does not have to be "light" but "right". For just means a tax that hit the real income of each capacity natural person and legal entity. A tax that hit firstly the incomes and only in the second bar world. A tax that uses all his tools to highlight discrepancies between declared income and expenditure incurred by the taxpayer. We want a different taxation for income from work than for financial and real estate income. You must start from the principle that "the work produces wealth and not money as such". Then they are provided more for rates income and land ones. We want the maximum rate of ICI to be tripled to vacant buildings and the greatest revenue goes to finance the regional agency for the Social Mortgage. The real estate property must have a basic social function, any property left empty corresponds to a homeless family, then owners who can afford to keep sfitta a property it should participate in the purchase of a roof by those who didn't. You enter the family quotient and the lowest income is covered through the Elimination of the tax privileges of the Church, of the great mutual cooperatives that have nothing but enjoying scandalous facilities and owners of historical and artistic interest.

We are content to seek corrective action to the current system, we hope, expect, and we want this economic system to collapse and to do it as soon as possible. Only by large natural cataclysms of either social, political, or of an economic nature are new models and new systems formulated. Only then, after the collapse, may we share in an economy in which:

1) the State is active in strategic sectors of the economy. A ruling State which imposes an economic policy which prevents banking and the diseased state of international finance; 2) banks are not untouchable subjects. They must be prevented from creating money through credit and a fractional reserve system. There must be introduced a reform of the banking system on the basis of the project of Nobel Laureate Maurice Allais; 3) which favors the participation of workers in business management, is facilitated by the ability of employees to detect firms in crisis and encourages the phenomenon of cooperation; 4) forbids the sale of all derivatives, short-selling and all financial speculations. The integrity of the bank must return to participate only in the capital search function to assist Italian companies on international markets; 5) monetary sovereignty is to be returned to national government by eliminating the autonomy of the issuing institution; 6) GDP is regarded as a simple and fairly unreliable economic indicator and not the ultimate goal that a national Government must achieve; 7) the economic tool, consider politics a mere instrument for the achievement of the internal policy regulations such as foreign currency, social and cultural. The economy is a means and not an end.

And then and then everything shall come down with a loud thump and we'll be ready to rebuild.