• Anthony Drummond

The Fascist Obligation

Henceforth it is unavoidable for men of reason to relentlessly inflict the communal will of the state, for the state must represent the glory of a truly free and collectively motivated peoples. It is that very entity which gives us the nourishment that is necessary for sustained civilized life, and it is we for whom god has created this blessed land. Therefore, this realm of ours must be governed in a fashion that will reflect these sacred facts of life. We are thereby obligated, as the people of America, as members of this party, to reveal the true oppressive nature of capitalism, and emphasize the need for its abolition. We must unite with like minded individuals, and enlighten those that aren't. We must move in complete solidarity to give birth to America anew.

The composition of this coming sociopolitical upheaval is not of ethnic devolution, supremacy, expulsion, or suppression. It is not limited to any racial boundaries, or anything at all of that sort. In fact, it denies the very existence of race as a logical concept altogether, and replaces it with an aura of national pride and common direction. To be American is not dependent on the color of one's skin or the origins of one's ancestors. The definition of Americanism describes all that pertain to our peoples' way of life, and all of whom that have come to love this land. The understanding of this notion will bring true national unity. The Italian style of fascism grasps this concept and applies it to every aspect of the peoples' lives.

As stated by the great Benito Mussolini in Emil Ludwig's Talks with Mussolini:

Race? It is a feeling, not a reality. Ninety-five per cent, at least. Nothing will ever make me believe that biologically pure races can be shown to exist today.… National pride has no need of the delirium of race. (Mussolini 1932)

The mass acknowledgement of ethnicity is the most socially debilitating form of factionalism that a nation can experience. Nationalism does not regard anything in the physical form, but only that in spirit and mind. Therefore, the color of one’s skin is irrelevant to our mission, and damaging to our ultimate goal of creating a functioning fascist state in America.

This movement is to be formulated from the most plenteous and primitive of man-made phenomena. It will be the consequence of an idea. A cataclysmic notion that will take the whole of the continental United States by storm, and cast aside the current establishment.

If political, social, and racial solidarity is achieved, complete national unity will be attained. Even if it means the abolition of the multi-party system. Even if it means the denial of the concept of race.

The all-consuming class struggle will come to an end in a fascist America. This will bring about the return of mankind's innate social order. Both strict and harmonious, just as it was meant to be. All classes will work in harmony with oppression impeding limitations firmly set into place. The power of the state will ensure a fair and just system. This is only possible through a doctrine such a fascism, for it allows the citizenry to function collectively, and operate in perfect unison.

A drastic upheaval of the powers that contain the advancement of modern society is what we all have in store. Its ultimate coming will be reminiscent of freezing liquid in a glass bottle. The explosion of its contents is inevitable. As it expands, it will ultimately burst out through its container's weakest point. The bottle represents our current government, and the cap is the weakness of our degrading sociological structure.

The great illusion of so-called democratic freedom will cease to exist, for it is but a fabrication, and is a shadow of its accurate definition. Democracy, in its current state, will be seen by all for what it is worth. It is a simple mirage. A guise intended to mask the capitalist order of rule.

All that a lie-based style of government (as is the capitalist federal government of the United States) must do is to go about the motions of suffrage, and all will be in good standing. The people will be satisfied by the empty machinery that is the western world’s adopted way of directing society. They will be pleased by the translucent trickery.

The transition from racial or class centered democracy, to that of the modern universally appealing system of voting, was nothing more than an evolution in the tactics used by the social elite to repress the average persons' liberty. As was the adoption of modern democracy over the absolutist rule of Napoleon's time. In simple terms, society's leaders have transformed from the Nobles of old to the elite of our time. They are the same, only their faces have changed.

Those of whom that would perceive it as an actual positive change in the bourgeois' domination of society are obliviously misguided and unenlightened. The only possible explanation of an average working-middle class citizen defending this order of society is that they have been blinded by the vast scheme that our current government has been perfecting for centuries. Otherwise, they must have been bribed or intimidated.

Although many are blinded by this trickery, multitudes of our brethren have achieved an open eye. The ruling class of this nation has unintentionally protruded from the corruption concealing shadows of illusionary liberty. This has resulted in the initiation of their downfall. Social evolution has been set into motion. The American Blackshirts Party will be the driving force behind this inevitable happening.

The capitalist elite have exported entire industries. Not for the benefit of the masses, but for the financial gain of a select few individuals.

The United States Census Bureau states on the organization’s official website (http://quickfacts.census.gov/qfd/states/06000.html), that in 2013 California's "Per capita money income in past 12 months [of] 2009-2013 [was]: $29,527".

This is slightly above the national average. Despite this fact, California's poverty rate is the highest of the entire Union. As stated by Kathleen Miles, Senior editor of the Worldpost:

"California has both the most ultra-wealthy individuals and the highest poverty rate of any U.S. state, according to recent reports."

According to the United States Census Bureau the percentage of Californians living under poverty conditions in 2009-2013 ads up to a total of 15.9 percent.

This is of course an absurd percentage of the population. How can this economically powerful state hold the highest amount of billionaires, maintain the 7th largest economy in the world, and also be the most poverty stricken state of the Federal Union? No sense can be made from these facts other than the realization of a vast conspiracy of materialistic corruption. It is the nature of the system for the ruling class to reap the benefits of economic progression. The majority of the populace is held down in a hole of poverty while the super-rich maintain the finances fit to satisfy the needs of hundreds of working class families. Why should a warehouseman or a mechanic struggle to pay his rent when many a billionaire is more than capable of covering his family's cost of living for one hundred generations? There must be a cap or limitations. Where is the social balance?

Capitalism equals oppressive wages and uneven distribution of finance. This makes times tough for many, and excessively lavish for a select few. The balance of society has become sickening. Evolutionary change is in order.

The manifestation of this nation was not brought upon this land by the working-middle class, whom has been and will always be the vast majority of any nation’s populace. This Union was spawned in the minds of self-indulgent men, and designed to fuel that vary individualistic greed. Its founding was but an evolution in the genetic make-up of the infantile capitalism of the era. It was not the change that many were fooled into believing. American democracy is simply a capitalist tactic intended to control the population of the U.S. through the imposition of factionalism. An example of this crime is the two party system. It creates equally dominant opposing parties. Both of which are capitalist owned and funded. This creates political hesitation and conflicting direction with each transition of power; therefore, the system is rigged, and our collective aspirations will go unaddressed. This is the damage that capitalism has inflicted on our society. Materialism and individualism has evidently poisoned this land.

Elections are won only by the richest contender; therefore, democracy has failed to fulfill its promise. Its affair with capitalism has rendered its original mission unattainable. It has become necessary to address the issue at hand. The system must undergo total reform, and be reestablished in a corporate fashion.

The modern fascists of America, we are not only citizens and cells of this organic state to be, but we are soldiers, and Sons of liberty and justice. Not at all similar to savage militants that have succumb to their most primitive and barbaric instincts. A new generation of fascist intellectuals has risen. We are men of reason and truth. We must fight for the future of our offspring, or all hope will be lost. Whether it be written in ink or blood, America will be reborn. This is the fascist obligation.

In solidarity to the cause,