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Fascist Decalogue


1. Know that the Fascist and in particular the soldier, must not believe in perpetual peace. 2. Days of imprisonment are always deserved. 3. The nation serves even as a sentinel over a can of petrol. 4. A companion must be a brother, first, because he lives with you, and secondly because he thinks like you. 5. The rifle and the cartridge belt, and the rest, are confided to you not to rust in leisure, but to be preserved in war. 6. Do not ever say "The Government will pay . . . " because it is you who pay; and the Government is that which you willed to have, and for which you put on a uniform. 7. Discipline is the soul of armies; without it there are no soldiers, only confusion and defeat. 8. Mussolini is always right. 9. For a volunteer there are no extenuating circumstances when he is disobedient. 10. One thing must be dear to you above all: the life of the Duce.


1. Remember that those who fell for the revolution and for the empire march at the head of your columns. 2. Your comrade is your brother. He lives with you, thinks with you, and is at your side in the battle. 3. Service to Italy can be rendered at all times, in all places, and by every means. It can be paid with toil and also with blood. 4. The enemy of Fascism is your enemy. Give him no quarter. 5. Discipline is the sunshine of armies. It prepares and illuminates the victory. 6. He who advances to the attack with decision has victory already in his grasp. 7. Conscious and complete obedience is the virtue of the Legionary. 8. There do not exist things important and things unimportant. There is only duty. 9. The Fascist revolution has depended in the past and still depends on the bayonets of its Legionaries. 10. Mussolini is always right.