• Oystein Georgesson

Fascism and Race

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

In our modern age, two schools of thought dominate the nationalist landscape.

Firstly, there is "scientific racialism", that which concerns itself with the physical races of Man. Many theories can be considered: Hitler believed that several nations made up a race, and differentiated between the southern Mediterraneans and northern Aryans (Germanics). Contemporary scientific racialists may consider European (or more broadly Indo-European) peoples as a single, Europid race.

Secondly, there is spiritual racism. Spiritual racialism - like the former - has several theories that can be defined as spiritual racialism. Evola defined celestial, archetypal races of the spirit, broadly categorized into Northern and Southern, and associated a god and a physical race with each spiritual one. He did however admit that while it was beneficial for these archetypal races to "match" with the physical race of an individual, this almost is never the case. Many esoteric national socialists define a spiritual counterpart to the race, but do not define it wholly on immaterial concepts. José Antonio defined a physical Spanish race-soul that exemplifies Roman Catholic religion, and in true falangist nature connects it to the physical Spanish ethnicity. He recognized the numerous mestizos as Spaniards, and stated their oneness with Spain through Catholic theology.

It is from Mussolini's very writings - with significant influence for José Antonio - that we may abstract several definitions that when put together we may define a third school of thought "doctrinal racialism", that can be thought of as a unifying philosophy.

We define the nation as a group of people unified by an immaterial idea. This may be an archetype, a religion, a credo, or any other doctrine or concept - including physical racialism. This nation, with time, develops volkstum, or culture. The difference between culture and nation is that a nation is static (in concept), while culture is subject to change. The State can be seen as a sort of realization of this concept on Earth,

The race itself is not simply a broad category of people but the relationship between man and his nation. We see this today already in many Hindu nationalist (or Hindutva) groups, who seek to unify the largely multi-ethnic India under Hinduism, as a "noble race", usually called the Aryan race (and may or may not be associated with Indo-European ancestry and physical racialism), and religious nationalism. In America we must work towards purity of our inner doctrinal race on an individual level. We must conquer the inner to conquer the outer and achieve our goals of American unity and fascism.