Help build a future for you and your family in a country that follows your and our ideals.


By joining the party you will help to set the agenda for a better, just & desirable nation for you & your family. 


Possibly the best part about being a member of the National Reformation Party is that it costs nothing to sign-up and join. 


Free Membership offers:​

  • Information on occasional meetings;

  • Important policy and news up-dates by e-mail;

  • Exchanging ideas about our movement and how to develop it; and

  • Receive the Party's monthly periodical

  • The opportunity to gain regional or an other position(s) in the party to lead, influence, organize and develop your fellow NRP  members. Such positions are available based upon your abilities, interest and desire to take this nation forward into a better future. 



To become a member, there is one way to join but, please remember, you have to be 18 years or older and, by applying to join you are confirming that you met this important criteria:

Personal Information:

All your personal information remains strictly private and secure and will not be used for any purpose other than as for communication regarding the party.

*The NRP is adamantly opposed to National Socialism and White Nationalism. If you're an adherent to either of these doctrines your presence will not be welcome and will be cause for immediate expulsion from the party.

Please fill out the attached membership application formBy applying you also agree to abide by the NRP code of conduct, violation of which is grounds for dismissal

Membership can also be terminated at will by the Chairman of the party.

Any questions or concerns not concerning membership should be addressed to



NRP Code of Conduct

The National Reformation Party Code of Conduct


I swear to give myself to be in service of our United States always. I will never betray my soil no matter the cost. I will never speak ill of the Homeland or State or partake in desecration of national symbols to include also Party symbols and the Party itself.


I will conduct myself with honor, courage, and commitment at all times and deal fairly with my fellow Party members and citizens no matter what religion or race they are.


I swear fidelity to our leadership and to my subordinates at all times.


I will never use illegal drugs or partake of any decadent or immoral vice. 


I will leave my environment cleaner than how I found it.


I will not discuss Party business with those not of the Party.


I vow to lend aid to my fellow Party members and citizens in need when able.


I will, to the best of my ability, keep myself in good mental and physical health. 


I will hold myself accountable for my actions for good or for bad. 


I vow to be the change I want to see in the Nation.


I am held to this code by my God, our Nation, the Party and myself of my own volition. 


I understand I am human and make mistakes but the breaking of any of the above will result in disciplinary action at the discretion of party leadership.

Thanks for submitting!



National Reformation Party




Article 1

The name of the organization is the National Reformation Party, abbreviated to "NRP" in text below.


Article 2

The purpose of the party is to run candidates throughout the states, District of Columbia (hereinafter a state) & territories of the U.S.A. for the purpose of winning elections.


Article 3

The duration of NRP shall be perpetual.


Article 4

Membership is free.


Registration is through applying to the NRP in written form, including electronically, and being issued with a membership number by the NRP. Further detail on joining is available on the Contact page of our website.


Any person aged 18 years or more and a citizen of the U.S.A. is entitled to be a member. Any applicant for membership is deemed to have met this requirement.


Membership can be revoked for conduct unbecoming of a member including breach of the law and/or as determined by the NRP Leadership Committee or the Chairman.


Article  5

NRP organizational structure:


- Each member shall belong to a geographical Regional Division;

- Each Regional Division will have a Regional Director;

- The Regional Director will report to the NRP Chairman;

- The NRP Chairman will chair the NRP Leadership Committee, comprising of himself, the Deputy NRP Leader, the NRP Secretary, the NRP Treasurer and the following Director positions - Public Relations, Intelligence, Security, Economics, Women's and Interior

- The NRP Leader nominates the Deputy Leader, the NRP Secretary, the NRP Treasurer and all Director positions as they determine and on the basis that they are a member of the party for the duration of holding that office.


Article 6

AB senior role descriptions:


- The Regional Director is responsible for day-to-day activity of their region and members within;

- The NRP Chairman, Deputy Leader & NRP Policy Director are responsible for the determination of party policy & the NRP Policy Director for their adoption & compliance;

- The NRP Treasurer shall receive, expend and account for the funds of NRP under the supervision and direction of the NRP Chairman & Leadership Committee. The NRP Treasurer shall make an annual financial report to the Leadership Committee and perform all duties required of the office by applicable law. The NRP Treasurer is responsible for oversight of all financial functions, including, but not limited to receipts, disbursements, internal and external reporting.  The fiscal term of NRP shall begin on January 1 of each year. From January 1 until the Leadership Committee has approved a budget, the NRP Treasurer may authorize expenditures for any item incorporated in the previous year's budget as long as the level of expenditure is consistent with that budget and no disbursement exceeding $50 may be made by cash.

- The NRP Secretary is the recording officer for the NRP and perform duties as assigned by the NRP Leader and Leadership Committee and, in conjunction with the NRP Treasurer, is the keeper of the records of legal requirements in compliance with the laws of the U.S; and

- The Directors of Public Relations, Intelligence, Security, Economics, and Interior are responsible for the adoption of party policies and on matters under their specific sphere.


Article 7

No person, group nor organization may use the name National Reformation Party or any similar designation which may cause confusion other than the National Reformation Party or a organization to which NRP grants affiliate status. 


The NRP Leadership Committee may grant state-level affiliate party status to any qualifying organization requesting such status in given state(s). Organizations which wish to become state-level affiliated shall apply for such status by a written petition to the NRP Leadership Committee. Such petition shall be signed by no fewer than ten members of the applying organization residing in the appropriate state. Affiliate party status shall be granted only to those organizations which adopt the policies of NRP and file a copy of their Constitution and/or Bylaws with the NRP Secretary.


There shall be no more than 1 state-level affiliated party in a given state.


State-level affiliation may be revoked by the NRP Leadership Committee by a majority vote of the committee.


Article 8

Meetings of the NRP Leadership Committee may be conducted in person or via electronic or telephonic communication with a recording of all meetings being made by the Secretary.


Article 9

Other committees subordinate to the NRP Leadership Committee may be formed as necessary for the full function & growth of the NRP.


Article 10

NRP may grant Honorary Membership to persons they deem worthy of such a status. Josiah Royce


Paid for by the National Reformation Party. Not Authorized By Any Candidate Or Candidate'sCommittee.             

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