The National Reformation Party Decalogue



Contemporary social systems dominating the social landscape are largely bereft of a coherent life and environmentally-affirming philosophy.  They promote destructive competition battles to preserve individual privilege at the expense of community well-being. More profoundly, these materialist-oriented ideologies and systems alienate, atomize, and otherwise fragment communities to ruin.  The National Reformation Party was founded as an alternative to a political culture and environment based upon an idea faulty at its core, an idea not capable of being improved upon but of necessity defeated, that of liberal democracy. Our creed is based upon a rejection of both the contemporary left and right, instead taking from those who in one way or another were opponents of liberalism throughout history, both in the United States and around the world and building a foundation from which modern American politics and culture can be effectively challenged. 


Principle 1 – Our philosophy

Valuing the search for coherence in our world – reflecting on who we are and what we are about and for the benefit of all species and their environment– is the highest ethos – core value - one can have. Religion is about that search for what coheres, or binds to give meaning to life.  It is truth. It comes from many quarters, from the diligent scientist, the philosopher, and in many cases the sectarian. Reformationism in its essence means the State is the binding factor in society, which in itself is organic in character. Religion is its essence. The doctrine that religion and State should be separate institutions is a relatively recent phenomenon, which didn’t exist before the Enlightenment. Not only do we aim to return religion to its rightful place in the social hierarchy but work to ensure it permeates all of our being to realize its high ethos. Ethos is translated into ethics, the rules of conduct, and those rules are expressed as morals in our daily behavior, but each dialectically interacting with the others resulting in organic social unity.  Hence, the morals of the citizenry are intimately connected with religion and are the business of the State to maintain and support. Herein is generated the National Reformation Party and its programme.  


Principle 2 – Our identity

Our national unity is being dismantled by the corrupt forces of materialism, identity politics, liberalism, and petty individualism. The powers that be produce propaganda promoting racial division and hatred between Americans.  Biological racism is a degenerative and anti-scientific ideology, and a betrayal to the many that have bled in the defense of the American Race, a part of the human race. Race is a social construct having no biological basis. Hence, "race", used in the previous sentence, is not defined in this flawed sense.  Our use of the word describes an idea that a people of a nation can attain unity through the endurance of hardship, the pursuit of shared ambition, and a State that represents the collective will of spiritual kinship. "Race", then, is a process, not an object. The notion of a spiritual American Race is something that we will promote vigorously. This is one of the many positions that separate us from the traditional rightwing and National Socialist creeds.  Our identity comes from within, and while human advancement is enriched by external ideas and customs, it cannot be destroyed by them. Arguably, because of wars, global warming with its climate refugees, capitalism, environmental degradation and resource depletion, growing income stratification, and other predatory behavior, more populations are seeking to flee their lands and come to more prosperous places. Most modern political movements attack immigration without addressing its root causes. For example, Republicans and the right wing publicly oppose it, while simultaneously propping up the culprit. The responses by the Democrats are equally vacuous in advocating accommodating migrants with jobs and social services.  The inflow of immigrants will not be stopped by a wall, or a heavily patrolled border because capitalism is dependent on cheap foreign labor to feed its ever increasing need for profit and market share. The inequalities of wealth produced by our economic system lead to inequalities in the share of political power, with those having access to cheap immigrant labor being able to acquire political influence and thereby perpetuate an immigration policy exploitive not only of immigrants themselves but also native workers. To remedy this broken system and address the economic and social dislocations caused by high rates of immigration, reforms need to be made both economically and politically which will prevent the undermining of the general will by interest groups with the intent to enrich themselves at the public's expense.  Only by correcting the problems in the migrants' home countries will the immigration problem be remediated.


Principle 3 - Virtue

Humans innately are unequal just alone by their biology, but in a social body, these inequalities work together to sustain a healthy organism.  Yet, we see ubiquitous sloth, indifference, and incompetence that contribute to social decay and even threatening the very existence of our species.  Each human has a place but healthy because the organism is healthy; the healthy organism correspondingly is healthy because of the individuals comprising it.  At the same time, however, men do not have primacy over women nor vice versa. Each equally performing duty for the State correspondingly is entitled to equal rights. The National Reformation Party looks to the classical view of virtue as the lifeblood of the social organism, every individual doing the best possible according to ability.  


Principle 4 – Rights and responsibilities

Democracy is often thought of as majority rule which is true to the extent that 50% plus 1 of the votes will get people elected and pass legislation, but it is also an ideology holding that all people are equal, that by the fact of being human they are born with rights which are not dependent upon obligations and duties.  Rights exist because of those obligations and duties. Liberalism maintains that the individual is the foundation of society. All of its insinuations are abstract and do not resemble the true nature of humans as revealed through history. By a person fulfilling obligations and performing duties to the State, each individual is entitled correspondingly to rights.  Rights are not inalienable nor granted by appeal to metaphysics. They result only from one's interaction with the State. 


Principle 5 – Freedom

Freedom is a lack of restraint.  Liberties are allowances granted by governments.  The very liberal structure of thought aims to allow the individual the maximum amount of liberty as possible, the logical and extended outcome of which is anarchy, but by so doing allows the community and society to be subverted and destroyed.  The private life of the individual has an impact on the community just as much as the community has an impact on the individual.  There is no difference between the public and private; they both feed off each other in a dialectical relationship. To maintain a healthy nation and State it is imperative to promote through law healthy lifestyles absent drugs, sexual immorality, and respect for life. We, therefore, oppose governmental actions that aim to free people from the restraints of morality as tools enslaving people to their passions.  True freedom can only be achieved under a system of law which causes people to recognize their dependence upon morality as being integral to freedom. Freedom is the unbounded search for truth and can be attained only through the State..


Principle 6 – The rebirth of society

We live in increasingly complex times that demand a correspondingly integrated, organized, and humane evolution.  Most organisms are subject to disease, and our society is no exception. We have been experiencing a progressively serious malady, the social gangrene of capitalism.  Its very essence carried by bacteria as profiteers is predatory and destructive of the social organism. We are seeing the fruits of establishing an economic order based upon self-interest, with our culture being defined by materialism and hedonism.  This is a byproduct of an economic ideology which through its ever-increasing need for more market share and profits aims for the destruction of existing cultures and values – even the natural environment, itself, viewing these as impediments to be removed.  In its place, capitalists aim to commodify everything, even human beings, community, and social services as products to be bought and sold.  Rebirth is a reformation of the social organism, introspecting, arising like a Phoenix in the form of the State in re-affirming the quest for truth as humanity's highest value.  With our identity, being virtuous, and internalizing our rights and responsibilities, we know what real freedom is and live it.


Principle 7 – The State

The State is the social structure of our philosophy.  It is the highest expression of human socialization. Through the power of organization, it is the creator of peoples and nations.  It is the unchained organism that seeks truth. Society as the State is an organism, each of its aspects as individuals articulating together to create a living whole.  Without the State, the individual cannot survive, but without the individual, the State cannot survive. This unity of opposites is the lifeblood of our social existence.  A government by itself is not the State but only an administrative aspect of the State.  


Religion and spirituality are only able to exist within a disciplined rule-governed society which is the product of and is the State.  The exercise thereof is true freedom. Subsequently, we reject the notion of the Conservative right that the State should be a neutral night watchman who exists solely to enforce contracts and prevent crime and fraud.  We also reject the idea of the Liberal left which wants to use the power of the State to unbind people from anything resembling morality or virtue. The State is an institution rooted in the family, and any attempt to extract it from those roots leads to disunity and the fracturing of our common unity, the national unity.


Principle 8 – Foundational Sources

We recognize that while the problems which afflict American society are universal in nature; where and how they manifest are unique, requiring solutions which reflect both universality and the particular circumstances from whence they arise.  The philosophical rationale which informs our doctrine therefore and serves as our foundation derives from three primary but not exclusive sources. Philosophical Idealism, which recognizes the spiritual nature of reality and rejects the materialism and determinism which is at the root of so many of the contemporary world’s problems.  Early 20th, late 19th century American Populism/Progressivism which foresaw the dangers to American society of an unregulated economy, and was critical of the guiding philosophy of the time period which glorified the individual at the expense of the collective group.  Classical fascism as the third pillar of the foundation takes the philosophy and the criticism of the other two and gives them shape and form through the structure of the State. Fascism is the State in action. Citizens through their reverence for truth are bound together as the State as the social organism, and the state guarantees the citizen.


Principle 9 – Corporatism

With the acknowledgement that as human beings we have both material and spiritual needs.  An economy is needed which would be tailored to fulfill those needs. Corporatism; the idea that society is constructed along the lines of the human body, containing a plethora of individuals with different talents, skills, and occupations, all having separate tasks but working together for a common purpose and goal within the same State structure. This will address the material aspects of our existence through its shared decision making structure and management of competition; with the aim of avoiding the cutthroat nature of modern business along with the desire to maximize profits through the reduction of wages and benefits.  While Capitalism commodifies the individual through reducing the worker to nothing more than a part within the production process. Corporatism recognizes the skills possessed by each individual as being an inherently valuable part of society; guarantying through reliable employment the ability to improve upon that skill while securely supporting a family. Through the corporatist structure the individual becomes conscious of the link that exists the State, Nation, and Individual. 


Principle 10 – Our environment

Without the environment, there can be no survival.  We live a natural, as well as a humanly-created world.  Ninety-seven percent of the world's scientists say that global warming is real.  Resource depletion, overpopulation, and mounting complexity energy also threaten human existence and are major causes of wars.  The National Reformation Party works to promote resource conservation, species preservation, recycling, and renewable energy. National parks, wild areas, reserves, and other lands must be preserved and expanded, coupled with education programmes.  Integrated with this should be re-forestation and other environmental renewal, regeneration of coral reefs and species, and carbon sequestering.   


Our human-created environment is not doing well either.  With the decay of contemporary America the expenditure of resources on overseas military engagements should only be done on a very selective basis, and only when American security is at risk and the action doesn’t contradict our national values. Most modern U.S. wars are sparked in defense of capitalism and globalization, having a negative effect on not only the country being invaded but also here at home.  That will not be the case in a Reformationist America. To accompany the reorientation of American interests on the global stage, we will align ourselves with like-minded nations, who are ideologically similar and share our goals. American interests will no longer be determined by out of date constructs left over from the Cold War and geo-political balance of power scenarios. 


Science, Technology, and Education are the instruments to effect positive change for both national communities and worldwide.  As promoting truth is a primary goal of our doctrine, the National 

Reformation Party strenuously supports scientific research and technological development, supported by a merit-based tuition-free training and education for all citizens under the auspices of the State.  The fight against pseudoscience, fake news, and other poor quality information is a priority. In all areas, from space exploration, biology, chemistry, and physics, the benefits are to accrue to the citizenry and State and not to any individual.


Our social environment also will be healthy through social ownership and control of all financial institutions, social services (health care, schools, libraries, law enforcement, etc.), prisons, and major industries, either through co-operatives or by the State.  Major income disparities represent those have taken more their fair share and are a threat to social stability. Income caps help solve the problem. No person can be allowed to hungry or be homeless, shiftless, unschooled, or unhealthy. The National Reformation Party supports universally-accessible health care, schooling, and housing, along with full remunerative employment as the backbone of a healthy society.