Action Plan

Here follows the official platform of the National Reformation Party (NRP). This platform is intended to be a clear and concise statement of our principles and values. It is intended to communicate how our philosophical and ethical views will find expression in our political and civic stances should we be endowed by the American populace with the grave responsibility of governing a nation. This expression of our beliefs in practical political terms is not intended to be all inclusive. Above all it should be noted that we do not consider ourselves bound by dogmatism to the point of being confined to a straight jacket in practical matters of state but rather in all instances would seek out the pragmatic solutions for the nation and her citizens. Unlike the two parties that comprise the current American liberal duopoly however, there are certain ethical and philosophical views and stances that will forever remain and never be discarded lest the party ceases to exist. 

  • We support the active protection by the state of the nuclear family as designed by the divine and/or by nature. This means defining marriage as between one man and one woman. Every marriage that wishes to be treated as such under the law of the land will be licensed and recognized by the state. 


  • We support unapologetically and unconditionally the right to life of the unborn. We will recognize life to have been commenced at conception whereupon citizenship was automatically obtained and therefore endowed with all of the privileges afforded every other citizen though the unborn as of yet cannot exercise all of these; nevertheless his or her right to life shall not be molested as they are precious lifeblood to the nation and created in the image of God. 

  • With the changes we propose a more nationally centered economic and industrial policy can and will be pursued. As such the NRP will seek to invest heavily in restructuring the current liberal economy into one that is more responsible and responsive to the needs of the American people as a whole and not just the short sighted profit driven motives of the few. Ultimately, this means seeking the highest degree of autarky responsibly possible and disentangling ourselves from unhealthy or otherwise disadvantageous trade in regards to national concerns with foreign countries. 


  • We support the establishment of a national healthcare system duly enacted and implemented within the framework of Occupational Organicity. The right afforded to citizens of healthcare results from their participation in economic and civic life by way of employment. Employment within a Guild is guaranteed to those able to work through rational and scientific coordination of the economy. The State has an active and vested interest in the health and general welfare of its constituent members. No productive, law abiding, legal citizen will ever have to choose between feeding themselves or buying medication again. Benefits therefore are available to all and would extend of course to spouse and children. 


  • We support free education for all children and free advanced schooling for those who warrant it and/or merit it. The current school system is in shambles and is a detriment to many Americans due almost solely to the profit motive coming before the interest of the nation. Schools have become extensions of capitalist economics, producing obedient individuals ready to work a standard service industry job, but without the ability to think critically and live fulfilling lives. The education system must be completely restructured so that higher education can be obtained by those who need and merit it.  While those who don't will have the option of attending trade schools or occupational training through a Guild in order to make and sustain a stable life for themselves and their families.


  • We support ending foreign interventionism and otherwise meddling in foreign countries’ domestic affairs. With the end of Liberalism this behavior will not only no longer be necessary but it will become undesirable as we will be able to focus our energies and resources on our own domestic affairs. Only when American interests in a truly national way is threatened will we intercede in foreign affairs. Exporting a national ideology and system of government to other countries in the name of private business interests will have become moot and therefore at an end. 


  • The purpose of NATO, as stated in its chartering documents, has become null and void. We therefore support and end to the American financial aid to NATO.  


  • We support an end to the fallacious idea of separation of church and state. In times past this was thought a good idea because monarchs used the church to validate their reign and therefore adherence to the religion was compulsory. The course of history itself has made this system antiquated and irrelevant for stability today. Religious institutions play an important role in national life which is give expression to and succor that aspect which is uniquely human; the spirit. As such these institutions are crucially and indelibly linked with and must remain in the orbit of the state. In America, the Christian religion and those institutions connected with it play a special role and hold a special place for us in relation to our laws and culture. Therefore, it will receive protection from frivolous lawsuits and other insidious attempts to destroy it in order to erode the foundations of our national culture and usher in ever greater secularism and base materialism. 


  • We support the termination of all Visa work programs.  The inability to produce competent workers in vital national industries is reflective of significant social problems which need to be addressed.  Importing workers from overseas is putting a band-aid over a wound which requires surgery to repair.  With the acknowledgement that significant displacements have occurred due to globalization businesses will receive a five year window to hire overseas observers to help train Americans in affected industries so as to become completely independent of foreign needs.


  • We support an end to all immigration into the United States both legal and illegal. Current immigration laws will be reviewed, revised and vigorously enforced. 


  • We support the expansion of nuclear energy. Under the current free market system neither government, business, or consumer has much interest in nuclear energy as it is very expensive. After the Fukushima debacle, the government rightly sought to more extensively regulate nuclear energy. This inevitably however, increased the cost of producing the plants that produces the energy. Across the Pacific Ocean both China and Russia are investing heavily in nuclear energy. With the government we propose we too can coordinate the national energy policy and therefore seek a more rational, efficient, and environmentally friendly energy strategy. While we support the expansion of nuclear energy it must be noted that we ultimately support a diversified portfolio of energy, including wind and solar along with other emerging clean energy sources. We support federal subsidies for the expansion of nuclear energy and other clean energy programs as the cost of same will demand it. 


  • We believe that the right to national self determination is inviolable and holy. It has become apparent that certain international governing bodies have far too much of a hand in national affairs and therefore will be incompatible with national government concerned chiefly with the interests of Americans as a whole. We therefore support the offshoring of the United Nations from American soil and if possible the dissolution of same. 


  • National Reformationism supports and actively encourages the responsible individual to arm themselves for the safety of their person, their nation, and their families. Firearm ownership is not a right but a privilege extended to those deemed competent enough to own such a means of power over life.  


  • National Reformationism supports the nationalization of the financial sector. We seek to preserve private property by all means and at all costs. Private property however can not be used in an adversarial manner toward the state, the nation, or their larger goals and aims. Under the current system it has become most apparent that we have a situation wherein one sector of the economy can no longer be allowed free rein. This is the financial sector. Finance exists to serve the economy and by extension the greater national interests de jure not for private interests in the hope it will serve the greater good de facto. The current state of affairs has proven that the financial sector time and again and by rule of practice as a policy has refused investment and loans for American business ventures in favor of investment and business ventures overseas. It will therefore be impossible to make the American economy work for Americans again if this sector is not nationalized. 


  • We support the establishment of a State centered around the Guilds as outlined in Occupational Organicity and with it the nullification of capitalism as well as liberal democracy. Through the Guild structure the role and voice of the individual in the course of national affairs as well as his own personal economic ones will be multiplied and greatly enhanced within a highly ordered framework and carried out in the most responsible way; affording the individual yet still greater freedom. Many of the preceding points cannot be implemented without the implementation of the Guild State; a structural and cultural change economically, civically, and societally. Establishing such a State means reinventing the formula by which our economic and civic life plays out. The end goal is an economy where private property is secured to the hands of the individual but national industrial policy is coordinated through State by representatives from each industry. These representatives are chosen by workers and owners within an industry, alike; ensuring true representation of interests free from the politics and coercion of liberal democracy. Political parties (even our own) will have ceased to exist as their very function no longer serves any productive purpose. As a result the individual will have greater representation and more of a say over the factors in his life that truly mean something. We affirm that these are chiefly the economic factors in the individual’s life. A most important and basic factor denied by Liberalism and by extension Capitalism and Liberal Democracy. 


These fifteen planks we do affirm and profess our support for.

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