About Us

The late 18th century was characterized by the emergence of an ideology which had as its objective the delegitimization of the State as a source of sovereignty and the subsequent removal of its moral authority in the realm of action.  Paralleling the growth of this ideology was a counter movement which recognized the inability of Conservative and traditional thought to address the aggressive nature of contemporary social decay. This counter movement first found its voice and means of expression through the philosophy of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. In the United States it was represented by the likes of Josiah Royce and Theodore Roosevelt.  With the death of its last able exponent, Giovanni Gentile it failed to exist as an influential counter to the dominance of Liberal Democracy.


It’s with the recognition that the world we live in today embodies one view of politics and life that the NRP was created in 2013 as an alternative to the hegemonic governing structure. We are synthetic in nature; taking the different strands of thought which have traditionally been opposed to liberal democracy and have given them shape and form through organization. The Party has grown to encompass members in all 50 states; regularly putting out original writings by party members along with historical reproductions.  Through acting within an organized structure the NRP continues to produce activists dedicated to the proposition of “One Nation, One Idea.”

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