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The State
The State is the social structure of our philosophy.  It is the highest expression of human socialization. Through the power of organization, it is the creator of peoples and nations.  It is the unchained organism that seeks truth. Society as the State is an organism, each of its aspects as individuals articulating together to create a living whole.  Without the State, the individual cannot survive, but without the individual, the State cannot survive. This unity of opposites is the lifeblood of our social existence.


Race is a social construct having no biological basis. Our use of the word describes an idea that a people of a nation can attain unity through the endurance of hardship, the pursuit of shared ambition, and a State that represents the collective will of spiritual kinship. "Race", then, is a process, not an object.


True freedom can only be achieved under a system of law which causes people to recognize their dependence upon morality as being integral to freedom. Freedom is the unbounded search for truth and can be attained only through the State. Alternativ
Josiah Royce

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